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The best places for a cold drink that are also kid friendly!


Gone are the days when taking your children to breweries was taboo!  Now it’s not unusual to see just as many kids as adults enjoying a beautiful afternoon at a brewery.  Many places in town even encourage families to bring children with their kid-friendly games, spaces, and snacks.  Here is a look at our favorite spots for drinking a beer with kids that everyone can enjoy.

1. Incendiary Brewing Company

     When the weather is nice, the outdoor patio at Incendiary is the place to be. Bikes and scooters take over the wide-open space that was once a coal pit for Bailey Power Plant, and patrons can shuttle between Incendiary for beer and Cuigino Forno for pizza and gelato.  Bonus feature for parents: the vast patio space is almost entirely enclosed, so kids can’t escape easily. The only downside to Incendiary is that parking can be tricky, but the beer and pizza make it worth the walk. Claim one of the outdoor picnic tables for your crew, and don’t forget to bring a scooter or chalk!

2. West Salem Public House

     Free snacks (think pretzels and veggie straws) and a fenced in outdoor space make “the Pub” an easy pick for families.  Al fresco picnics are encouraged, although there are frequent food trucks for those who prefer to dine out. While not a brewery per se, the rotating locally focused beer selection is top-notch.  And did I mention free snacks?

3. Campus Gas

     With plenty of space for kids to wiggle both inside and out, Campus Gas offers games and toys the entire family can enjoy with their beverages.  They have a wide beer selection, though Bull City Ciderworks is featured on tap since both ventures share the same owners. Unlike the other breweries listed, Campus Gas is also a restaurant; the menu currently consists of hot dogs, hamburgers, and tots - food that appeals to the kid in everyone.  And if you need extra incentive for the kids, they also serve milkshakes!

4. Wise Man Brewing

     Great beer and family-friendly seating areas make Wise Man a popular choice for Saturday afternoon beer drinkers.  They have a fenced-in patio, wide tables, and a laid back vibe. And now that Industry Hill is becoming a bigger thing, I expect more events and restaurants will continue to pop up nearby.

5. Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing Company

     I love the warehouse where Fiddlin’ Fish resides, and it doesn’t hurt that Black Mountain Chocolate is on the other side.  The big windows roll up to make the space feel more welcoming, and they offer a variety of games for patrons to enjoy. When the weather is nice, Fiddlin’ Fish is the perfect spot for a beer before strolling Trade Street and letting the kids run through the Artivity park just 2 blocks away.  

6. Joymongers Barrel Hall

     If you stop by Joymongers on a Friday at 5 o’clock, you are guaranteed to see at least a couple of tables occupied by parents and a plethora of kids.  With mostly inside seating, Joymongers is big enough to allow kids to move around without bumping into others. Pro-tip: bring dinner for your gang and bribe them into good behavior with the promise of gelato (from Café Gelato just down the street) when you leave.

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